——— FOOD ———

Some great, tasty products to stock your pack with

Frontera Salsa Packs

-Chef Rick Bayless knows what he’s doin when it comes to salsa

Creminelli Dried Salami

-some of the best around

Camaraderie Cellars Wine Bag

-equivalent to 2 bottles, amazing quality from Washington State, stays fresh for 3 weeks after opening

Kuju Coffee-single serve pour over

-solid camp coffee

Best Chinese Noodles

-better than that other ramen

Kodiak Cakes – Power Cakes Mix

-great mix for a quick, filling breakfast.

Nice to have the extra protein on those long days.


Bavarian Meats Landjagers

-these are so good. Better than any meat stick you’ve ever had

Olympia Provisions Salami

-some of the best from a great producer in Portland, OR

Powdered Coconut Milk

-super handy, just add water

Sriracha Keychain

-because yea, of course you need this

World Spice Mixes

-the best spice shop on the planet. fresh ground mixes and amazing

Morning Star Breakfast Sausage

-pretty darn tasty

Tomato Paste Tube

-way better than a can. easy to pack

Field Roast

-one of many great flavors

Camp Cuisine Ground Beef

-solid meat substitute

Powdered Eggs

-not as bad as you think. hydrates fast, does the job for sure

Sesame Snaps

-the most underrated snack around