outdoor cooking series - stroganoff


Classic Backpacking recipes…elevated with MONTyBOCA

by Chef Corso

We all have our favorites.

Stroganoff…Chili Mac….Pad Thai.

But none of them really satisfy the way a fresh, real meal does.

The Challenge:

Can Chef Corso and the MONTyBOCA community come up with and trail-test Elevated versions of the Classics.

The clear answer is YES! And they are fast, easy and delicious.

All Classic Recipes

We also wanted to know…So how much do these recipes cost in comparison?

The results are clear.

MONTyBOCA recipes are cheaper or a least extremely close to packaged meals in price and overall time needed to prepare.

MONTyBOCA recipes also are 2-4 servings rather than 1 or barely 2.

So fresh meals go farther.

You Decide.



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