easy camping meals for family

So all these recipes are tested by folks in the MONTyBOCA community?

Absolutely! Chef Corso can’t do it by himself and it’s always better to share a tasty meal and a vista with someone else.

How do I become a recipe tester?

Just click on over here and fill out few questions and you’ll be on your way to eating really well on your next trip.

Where do I get the ingredients?

All recipes are tested with real, fresh ingredients. MOST that are available in any major grocery store, farm-stand or convenience store. We do have a few from time to time that require special order via the internet but we make a point to call that out on the recipes.

Is the food sent to me?

MONTyBOCA provides RECIPES for cooking up great food anywhere. All ingredients are readily available at major grocery stores. At this time, we do not send you a recipe kit with ingredients included. If that’s something you would be interested in, let us know!

What if I have dietary restrictions?

We have many recipes for vegetarians, vegans, hungry people, less-hungry people and any-atarian you are right now. If any one recipe does not reach your dietary restrictions, we believe in you and your belly to modify a recipe to your needs. If you need help with ideas… give us a shout!

Can I come along on a recipe testing trip?

Sure! that would be amazing. Reach out to us at eatwell@montyboca.com to see if we are in your region

What if I can’t cook?

That’s ok! All recipes are super easy to shop for and cook up…all in 30 min or less. You can do it!

What if I don’t have a stove?

It’s a great and easy present for yourself! You deserve to be able to cook up great food anywhere! But we also have a bunch of NO BURNER recipes for you.

What if I have a smaller capacity stove?

All recipes are formatted for approximately a 1.5 L stove. Each recipe can be cut on 1/4 or 1/2 depending on your stove. These recipes are great jumping off points for flavor ideas and combinations and can be modified for smaller portions.

What if I can’t find the exact ingredients?

No problem! Do your best to find something close and it should work just fine.

And who knows…? maybe you just stumbled on a great new recipe!

What if I don’t like one of the ingredients?

No worries! Take it out! Exchange it for something you think is the bees knees!

Is this really enough to feed 4 people/will this fill me up?

Yes it is! Yes it will!

Most recipes are very filling. But if you’re concerned about being hungry…..pack a second recipe and share the load!

Why is it called MONTyBOCA?

Mont = short for mountain. We like going into the mountains

Boca = mouth. We eat with our mouth.

Sounds like a great combo to us!

How long does each meal take to prep?

No more than 5 min

Isn’t this going to be heavy?

Recipes are developed with weight, ingredients and flavor in mind. All are less than 6 lbs and most very light. If you divvy up the load, each person only has to carry a few lbs. And trust us… it’s totally worth it.

How do I select a trail or trip?

Oh man….so many great places. And it can be daunting with that much beauty out there.
Find a local park or natural preserve. Go somewhere new. Where ever you are, there is something pretty to see.

Check out these sites for some options:



Is it expensive?

It’s only a few dollars, depending on the recipe and usually less to any freeze-dried meal. Would you rather have fresh food or packaged food on your trip?

What if I go out for a longer trek?

Nice! Good on ya. You can easily download multiple recipes to fit your needs. We also understand that weight can be a factor. Maybe have a MONTyBOCA fresh meal/heavier meal on night one, then go to the jerky and packaged dry meals. Need more help? Let Chef Corso currate your trip for you.

How many meals should I pack?

For 2 people, per day of hiking, we recommend 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner and any snacks you like. Plus plenty of water.

For 4 people, per day of hiking, we recommend 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners and any snacks you like. Also good to overplan a little for when Jake gets really hungry. (everyone has a friend named Jake that’s hungry) Plus plenty of water.

How do I find camping gas when I travel?

We’ve had the same challenge. You can’t carry-on or check camping gas/combustables in your luggage. Please respect that and don’t be a weasel. For every trip that we go on out of our backyard, we research a camping or sports store at our destination. It’s also a great time to chat with a local and get some tips.


Power Chia Bomb!


~No cook
~1000+ calories
~30+ grams of protein
~Filling? Very.